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Join us for a Summer to Remember

There are a lot of great things about Charis Camp, but year after year the thing that makes the biggest difference in the lives of the campers is our Summer Team! Our posted positions are volunteer but, we've re-booted our Summer Missionary Program! For more info click here!

Program Team

Cabin/Camper Support
Nurse Coordinator

Junior Staff

Work Crew/LIT Program

Work Crew Program

Responsible for various essential tasks, including covering cabin leader breaks, setting up games, and helping with all the necessary things that make camp happen!

Work Crew Members need to register in Teen Camp

For more information click here!

Leader-In-Training Program

Work alongside Cabin Leaders to serve, love and care for a small group of campers from the beginning of camp to the end.  


LIT's have their own camp during teen camp where they will experience camp, build community and learn to lead and serve

For more information click here!

Senior Staff

Cabin Leader/ Support Staff
Worship Leader/Media & Tech
Tuck Managr/Photographer

Summer Missionary Program

We have a great opportunity for you to fundraise for your time at Charis Camp. If you want to learn more about our Summer Missionary Program click the link below!

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