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Junior Camps (ages 7-9)

Day Camp: July 2-5, 2024

Get set for a summer like no other, filled with awesome adventures and great community! From exciting activities, wide games and campfires, we're here to make faith meaningful and summer unforgettable! 

Tentative Schedule

9am- Drop Off

930- Welcome
10-12pm- Activities

12pm- Lunch

1pm- Campfire & Chapel

1:45- Activities

3pm- Wide Game

4pm- Pick Up 

Things To Bring:


Good running shoes

Water bottle



Swimsuit & towel

Bug spray


Drop off & Pick Up:

We have a drive-thru drop off & pick up system for Day Camp & Sprouts. On one side of the parking lot we will have teams 1-5 and on the other side we will have teams 6-10. Two lines are dedicated to kids who will be on teams 1-5 (green) and two lines for kids on teams 6-10 (yellow).

If there is a household with children in different teams/lines, we will have staff available to shuttle them to their team leaders.

Cost: $170 + GST

20230704 camp 09.jpg
Day Camp Drop Off Plan_edited.jpg
Drive-Thru Drop Off & PickUp System

Sprouts Camp: July 22-24

Get ready for a unique camp experience that bridges the excitement of day camp with the thrill of overnight adventures! This is the perfect opportunity for campers to experience the wonder of overnight camping in a supportive and familiar environment. Sprouts Camp offers a stepping stone towards our full overnight camps, building confidence and excitement for future camping experiences.

Drop off, Pick Up & Registration

Sprouts Camp has a mix of our overnight camp registration and our Day camp Drive-thru drop off & pick up system.

The first morning we have a full registration in the gym by the upper parking lot and will have the other pick up & drop off times at the Tabernacle parking lot.

For an example of our Drive-Thru Drop Off & Pick Up System click here!

For a packing list click here!

Cost: $150 + GST

20230704 camp 46_edited.jpg
20230704 camp 69.jpg
20230704 camp 16.jpg

Adventure Camp: Aug 12-15

Join us for a remarkable outdoor journey designed exclusively for young adventurers! Get ready to experience camping in its purest form as we're taking it back to basics with 10-man canvas tents that will be your cozy homes for the duration of the camp!

Come experience a great time of connection, learn some valuable wilderness skills and connect with God!

For a packing list click here!

Cost: $185 + GST



If you have any questions please reach out to us at

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