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Get Involved

Charis is a non-profit organization. Like most of the summer camps in BC, we run our programs at a loss to make them accessible to the most people possible, and we make up the difference through fundraising, running rentals and, most of all, through volunteers.

If you've got time, we have loads of opportunities for you come make an eternal difference at Charis Camp. Whether that's leading a cabin, washing dishes, or fixing the mower, it all contributes to the work we do here.

If you've rather be generous with your finances, there is always a need. You could support a project that we are planning, contribute monthly to our operation costs, or a one-time gift to help us support the people that give up their summers to love kids. The options are endless!

Do you have something sitting around your house or business that you don't need anymore? A table that has been replaced? A couch? Some left over building supplies? We'd love to take it off our hands! If we can't use it, we'll find someone in our network of non-profits that can, or we'll recycle and dispose of it properly!

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