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Support Charis Camp

Charis Camp is a registered non-profit organization. Throughout the year, we host events, rent out our facilities, and we are always looking for other ways to raise money to support our operations. At the end of the day, we want camp to be accessible and affordable.


Our camp fees only cover half the cost of attending camp! 

We are committed to nurturing our campers' spiritual growth and character development, we provide a safe and welcoming environment where young people can deepen their faith, build lasting friendships, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. We need your support to make it all possible. Your donation will help us:

  1. Keep camps affordable: we have a conviction that every child, regardless of financial circumstances, should have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of camp. As costs keep rising, we are looking to increase the amount that donations help offset costs to campers.

  2. Enhance Facilities: Invest in upgrading our facilities and infrastructure, help us reach more people!

  3. Expand Programs: Develop new and exciting programs to allow campers to explore their faith and develop leadership skills.

  4. Empower Staff: Equip our dedicated staff with the training and resources they need to lead, mentor, and inspire the next generation of Christian leaders.

By contributing to Charis Camp, you are sowing the seeds of faith and hope in the hearts of people of all age. Your support will impact their lives, shaping their future for the better.

Donate Online via CanadaHelps

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