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Current Projects

The camp experience is much more than just a bunch of buildings and stuff, but of course, we couldn't do anything without places for people to eat, sleep, play and worship! To that end, check out below to see what we're working on, find out how it's an important part of Charis Camp's mission and vision, and how you can contribute!

Dining Hall Redevelopment

Charis has grown a lot over the years. We've come to the point now where our 50-year-old dining hall can't fit everyone that is on site! It's time to find a bigger space! We're moving the Dining Hall into the gym, but we're doing it in a few stages!

Stage 1


Dining Hall Basement Renos

As we begin revamping our dining and gym facilities, we will start with renovating the dining hall basement into flexible accommodations. Two suites with three rooms will be built on the north end of the basement, allowing for enhanced accommodations for year-round staff or a self-catering spaces for small groups of 3-6. The south end with have commercial laundry facilities, public washrooms, a beautiful creekside meeting room, and the relocated games room, currently in the gym mezzanine.

Stage 2

Gym Replacement

Yes, for a couple of different reasons, we're planning on moving our dining hall facilities into the building that is currently the gym. However, it's important to us that we have a place out of the elements to play games and run around, so before we start ripping apart the gym, we want to set up a new covered space on site.


Stage 3


New Kitchen and Dining Space

Our current dining hall is bursting at the seams; we have embarked on a mission to convert the gym into a brand-new kitchen and dining hall.

Our vision is to create a space that accommodates a larger number of guests and provides them with an unforgettable dining experience. By repurposing the gym, we are maximizing the use of our existing space to meet our growth. With a strong focus on affordability, functionality, and comfort, our project aims to create a beautiful space to gather and eat that still allows us to keep rates affordable for campers and rental groups.

Stage 4

New Offices and Gathering Spaces

With the dining hall moved into the gym, we plan to convert the old one into a multi-purpose space. Part of the existing dining room will be converted to permanent space for Cedar and Moss, including the cozy fireplace and lots of space for fantastic tables made of 100-year-old maple. Staff offices will move into the old kitchen area, with part of the kitchen being kept to bake and cook for cedar and moss and as a servery for the adjacent meeting space. Between Cedar and Moss and the offices will be a meeting space that doubles as a reception area and a second dining space for smaller groups or more intimate settings.


Growing on Purpose

Now that you've heard some of our vision, would you like to contribute to the future of Charis Camp? We invite you to please consider a financial contribution and support us today and into the future!

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