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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I bring my electronics &  cell phone to Camp with me?
We kindly ask campers not to bring their cell phones or electronic gadgets to camp. Our primary reason is to create an environment where campers can fully engage with the camp community, the great outdoors, and themselves.

Disconnecting from screens allows campers to connect with others, build independence and promote health and well-being. If electronic devices are brought they will be held in a secure area and returned to you at the end of the week. 

We understand that some campers may have important reasons for needing access to their devices, such as medical concerns. In such cases, please communicate with our staff and we will accommodate accordingly.

2. What does a typical day of camp look like?
For the most part, all of our kids camps look the same with slight variations catering to each age group and depending on whether its a Day Camp or an overnight. Overnight Camp Mornings are filled with breakfast, chapel and some sort of fun activity. The afternoons are kicked off with lunch followed by more fun activities, the tuck shop (candy shop), options such as archery, wall climbing, low ropes, swimming, and then supper. There are always crazy wide games and other events that occur throughout the week. In the evening it’s off to chapel for some awesome music and a great speaker. The day is then polished off by more wonderful food at snack, then it’s off to bed for some much needed rest. For a break down of our Day Camp Schedule click here.

3. Who will be looking after my kids?
Every summer we have a great team of young adults that come in to do just that. We spend roughly a week before the summer even begins making sure that everyone is properly trained and knows what to expect and how to be the best leader they can. In addition to the training, all of our staff are carefully screened, required to supply references, and must pass a criminal record check prior to being allowed to serve at Charis.

4. What sort of accommodations do they stay in?
Our cabins are dormitory style, with eight beds per room. Each cabin has its own bathroom and two sinks in the main room. For our Adventure Camps, we have 10-man canvas tents and outhouses nearby for nights and shower/washroom facilities in the Dining Hall.  

5. Will I be able to contact my child during the week at camp?
We believe in fostering independence and growth in every child. Our communication policy strikes a balance between allowing campers to reach out and ensuring their safety and the overall camp experience for all participants. While we allow campers to call home if they wish, we kindly request that parents limit non-emergency calls during the camp duration. This approach is designed to help campers become more self-reliant, build new relationships, and fully immerse themselves in the camp activities. You are welcome to call the camp office at 604-794-7790 if you have any questions or concerns during the week.

6. What time do I drop off my children, and when do I need to pick them up?
Day Camp

Drop off @ 9am at the Tabernacle.

Pick Up @ 4pm at the Tabernacle.

For more information click here


Redwood & Emberwood   
Drop Off: Sunday 6:00 pm @ the Gym

  • Lice Check Tent Opens at 5:30pm

  • Registration Table opens at 6:00pm

 Pick Up: Friday 10 am (join us from 10-10:30 for final chapel)

Drop Off: Monday @ 8:30am @ the Gym for full registration.

  • Lice Check opens at 8:00am

  • Registration table opens at 8:30am

Pick Up: Monday @ 4pm the Tabernacle

Drop Off: Tuesday @ 9am at the Tabernacle

Pick Up: Wednesday 10 am (join us from 10-10:30 for final chapel)

For an example of our Drive-Thru Drop Off & Pick Up System click here!

Drop Off: Monday 9:00 am @ the Gym

  • Lice Check Tent Opens at 8:30am

  • Registration Table opens at 9:00am

 Pick Up: Thursday @ 10 am (join us from 10-10:30 for final chapel)

Important Considerations:  
Please plan for about an hour at drop off for children's medical forms, lice checks, account settling and good-byes!
Please plan for 30 minutes at Pick Up to join us in our final chapel at 10am with the campers in the Lodge. Camps end with a slideshow from the week, excluding Adventure Camp!

Please make sure that you call ahead of time if you will be late picking your children on Friday. Please note that registration will not begin before 8:30 am; however, you may get a spot in line and get a your lice check done.

7. What do I need to bring with me to camp?
Check out the what to bring list appropriate to the camp you are attending below:

Redwood, Emberwood, Roots & Rings and Sprouts Camps
Adventure Camps

8. What is the tuck shop and how much do I need to send along with my children?
The tuck shop is the camp name for our candy store. It has a wide assortment of candy and pop. You may prepay for Tuck during online registration or in person at registration/drop off.  

9. When do I have to pay by?
​Full payment is required by June 1st. After this date if you have not paid or arranged for payment we may refund your deposit and give your spot to someone on the wait list. Each year we have a sizeable wait list so kindly let us know asap if you need to cancel.

10. If I have to cancel, can I get a refund?
Full refunds are offered up until June 1st. After that date we will offer a 50% refund up until June 15. After this point there will be no refund unless there are extenuating circumstances.

11. What if my son or daughter is 12 (Emberwood Camp age) and all their friends are 13 (Redwood Camp age)?
We understand that there may be situations where sibling and friends are different ages and therefore can only register for different camps.  We will do our best to look at requests case by case to determine how to move forward.  Sometimes, there are 12 yr olds that will fit in with an older group, while other times, there are 11 yr olds that would fit right in with Sprouts campers.  We can't promise we will be able to make it work, but we commit to doing our best to hear, understand, and then make a decision to help you know how to move forward.  To make a request for an exception, email with your situation and kindly leave a phone number. 

12. Can I request a cabinmate?

Absolutely! On our registration forms we ask this question! If there is a change in who you'df like to be cabinmates with please email us as to let us know at least a week before camp starts!

13. What if my child turns the required age after camp?

Our age requirements are based on the calendar year. (Eg. a 6 year old turning 7 this year qualifies for sprouts).

If you have any more questions, please reach out to our Program team:

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