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Happy New Year! Exciting News for 2024

Hi Charis Family!

We have been excited to share all the new things happening for Summer 2024!

Camp Partnership

It is with great pleasure to announce that Camp Evergreen and Charis are partnering together for Summer 2024! Over the last 3 months, our teams have been meeting together as we believe that we can serve and care for our community better together!  

Camp Evergreen has been running its camps at Charis for over 25 years and many of our great volunteers who have served at Charis over the years first got connected here because they volunteered with Evergreen. They have been more than just familiar faces, but friends to us here at Charis! 


This Summer the Evergreen team is coming under the Charis banner where we will be working together to add Roots & Rings Camp (for 8-12 year olds) to our summer season. Roots & Rings Camp is a reimagining of Camp Evergreen which will not only add a new week of camp for us here at Charis, but also their unique week-long leadership development program!

We are incredibly excited to see how God uses this partnership to care for kids and disciple young leaders! 

To learn more click here:

Summer Camp Name Change

Our focus over the last two years has been getting our summer camps back up and running, rebuilding our team, and reconnecting to our great community after COVID-19. In the Fall of 2023, we finally had time to do some more specific long-term planning. In the midst of that, we started reworking the names of Teen & Huzzah Camp. We love the history of those names and the memories tied to them, but as we continue to rebuild we felt like it was time for something new! So, we would love to share our vision and heart behind our new names!

REDWOOD CAMP- Formerly Teen Camp Redwoods are the oldest, tallest, and strongest trees in BC. Their shared root system allows them to not only withstand storms but encourage the growth of new saplings! We recognize the challenges that the teens of our community are facing and know that being rooted in Christ and being surrounded by a caring community can make all the difference! Redwood Camp is a place where young people come together, experience community, fun, and friendship, and learn what it means to live a full life with Jesus!

EMBERWOOD CAMP- Formerly Huzzah Camp

Emberwood is not a real tree, but we felt that our middle school campers have a special kind of intensity, energy, and curiosity that the name captures! Embers are what keep a fire going and are the last to go out! Emberwood Camp is a place to experience new things in a safe environment! It's a place where faith can be explored, and where friendships can grow!

Youth Retreats & Spring Break Day Camp

Next up on our calendar is the Youth Discipleship Retreat happening February 9th-11th for Gr. 8-12 and Spring Break Day Camp happening March 18th-22nd for Gr.1-5. Registration for Youth Discipleship Retreat and Spring Break Day Camp are now open! If you are interested in volunteering for SBDC, we have opportunities for team leading and discipleship training for young leaders. Summer registrations open February 1st at 10 am.

If you are interested in being apart of the Spring Break Day Camp Team, apply today!

That's all for now! We look forward to how Jesus will continue to work in all of this and how we will continue to grow!

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Great update, team!

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Great update indeed!

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